Django Bates asked me to write an alternative set of liner-notes - with no musical terms spoken...

So here it is:

1 Blood of the WinterPrince

Christ the Lord of compassion, so simple and profound, cries a tear of blood for the wrongs of the human race. A dark colour in a dark room, softer than my fathers hands, a sound that will carry me through the fires burning all around. A river of peace flows in my chest with lotus flowers and the smile of ChenResi, mother Ganga sweeps away all pain and misunderstanding...

2 The Spell

Throwing beams of light into the thunderclouds - watching reflections in the surface of enchanted lakes - Dragons circle in the sky - Drops of fire fall on the leaves - Jimi and Mike walks through the room with an angel in their hands and the Spell is cast upon you.

3 The Big Cleaner

Things seem to accumulate by them selves. One day you just have to get rid of them, all those old worn out patterns lying in every corner, piling up in the storage room and rotting away in the basement. Sheets of used paper, 5 and a half year old T-shirts with lots of holes and lots of vampire moths, a book that was never for you to read, 13 forks, 17 knifes 3 teaspoons and a rusty potato masher, 27 socks that do not match, more papers, old letters and plastic bags with holes in, words never spoken and feelings never felt.
A fresh wind blows through your open windows, clearing your mind and heart.

4 Funk

Sometimes it is nice to have friends and be together and make noise and throw pieces of furniture out of windows and make funny faces and fun of people who always are irritated and negative and sing a twisted song with weird colours and just feel the strength of your lungs when you make a really loud sound and the blood gets warmer and Life begins to roll through your veins like a freight train. Rejoice and be funkfull with your brothers...

5 Tango Mystique

She came through the mist, half naked beautiful as a flower dressed in white, soft and round and inviting, the dance is intense yet cool, calling you closer and never that close,see but not touch
and a thousand white swans whispers as softly as a winters breeze and gone she was, but always you will remeber

6 - 9/8-Untitled

It began as a spark somewhere inside my head and an folktune from the middle-age started to melt with Sweedish islands and rocks and sunsets and clouds passing by and one day driving with my late grandfather it just finished by itself.

7 Hands Off

Get your hands of, she said - oops soory... did not mean to intimidate you, but I just suddenly slipped, and there was noting else to hold on to, and - I mean, when you live together things like that happpens, and maybe she did not really mind at all. And that old dark-blue colour comes in, and everyting will be all right.

8 Squiik

Tjack, frawack, wock, shockadock.dingdaa, tritawheee-crock.bocka, lilax, qouweebaahh and who knows where it will lead us..?

9 Contemporary Folk Song

A soft scent of sandelwood rembered, the dust of India and the rocks at Bornholm, the wind and the waves and a tiny twist of Messian, just to finish the journey nice and relaxed after hour on roads and in bumpy trains and stuffed airplanes and cars.