Jakob Holm 5 – Chapter 3 - “Monsterjazz”


Somewhere between Hendrix and Coltrane this music is roaming around, trying to find that center in the center…

The return of the Statocaster and what it brings along of blues and metal-guitar has been very fun - Like re-discovering my past and bringing it in to the here and now. Working with music is a search that never ends – one of many reasons it stays so fascinating..


Following two concerts in Copenhagen, we had two days of recording at On Location Studio. Afterwards I spend a lot of time in my own studio doubling melodies, adding rhythm-guitars, and retaking some of the guitar-solos.

The music is centered in the intuitive jazz-tradition of improvisation and interplay, but it also has the quality of a studio-production.







Blood of the Winterprince – one of those simple tunes written in 5 seconds. Actually we tried to record an acoustic version for my first CD with Marc Johnson on bas, but it did not work. So here it is as Sratocaster-classics, simple, flowing rock-ballad with backwards-guitar and all… The title refers to Jesus Christ and his message of all-embracing compassion, tolerance, care, and understanding. (which I think is also the message of the Buddha, the Vedics, and Muhammad…)


The Spell – an old tune I dug out from the archives. It seemed to fit the sound of the Rhodes and Strat perfectly, with its Hendrix/Coltrane-type of groove and the bluesy melody.


The Big Cleaner – a blues in 5/4 written when I simultaneously tried to learn how to play in odd meters and clean the apartment - throwing out a million old things from our storage-room.


Funk Bross. Inc. – my brother wanted me to name a tune after his band, not knowing of the legendary Motown musicians… In the home-studio this rough one-take turned into a piece of full powered symphonic metal-fusion.


Tango Mystique – cryptic, but still graceful. I have no idea if it is a “real” tango, but I love the march-drum and the melodic piano-solo…


9/8-Untitled – I heard a Swedish folk-tune in 9/8, and wanted to try something like that also. The melody was actually written on top of “Greensleeves” though I do not remember how anymore. The title comes from an old Cubase-program, which filed the songs as “Untitled” if nothing else was specified.


Hands Off – I was trying to learn how to play on 2-5´s, and this blues came out - titled, as it is to remind myself not to play all the time, but sometimes take the hands off the guitar. Well… still trying… I later found out that the chords are almost the same as in “West Coast Blues”


Squiik – a simple, rhythmical, polytonal theme, impulsive structure, chaos, and full throttle on the drums…


Contemporary Folk Song – a sweet folk-tune with a twisted B-part to close the CD…



Recorded December 10/11 – 2004 at On Location Studio

Engineered by Thomas Vang

Additional recordings Jan/Feb. 2005 at Narayana Studio

Engineered by Jakob Holm

Mixed by Thomas Vang March 2005

Mastered by John Fommsgaard March 17 – 2005

Produced by Jakob Holm


Layout by Steven Hamilton

Photos by Anders Graver/Jakob Holm

Monster-drawings by August (7)

All compositions by J.Holm/published by KODA


Thanks to:

Anders, Rune, Jakob, and Niels for great musicianship.

KODA, DJBFA, and DMF for financial support!

Christian Dalgas at The Danish Jazzassociation

My family Line, August, and Jonathan.

Bjarne Roupé for great councelling.

Lars Danielsson for great bas on Funk Bross.Inc.

ShantiMayi for everything…