Guitarplayer/Composer/Teacher Jakob Holm

I picked up the guitar at 12, listening to Jimi Hendrix "Are You Expirienced" and "Axis - Bold as Love"
and playing blues.

19 years old I was admitted to the Jazz/Rock-conservatory (the Carl Nielsen Academy of music) - Listening to Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, john McLaughlin, john scofield, mike stern, Stevie ray Vaughan and danish guitarist Mikkel Nordsø, all I wanted was to be the fastest guitaplayer in the entire universe....

Fortunately I got older and and had good teachers - Uffe Steen, Mikkel Nordsø and Bjarne Roupé, and I began composing and forming my own bands, trying to play my own music. Miles davis and John Coltrane and all the modern jazz, freeformalso began to blend in.

The Carl Nielsen Academy was mainly a school for classical music, and I went to a lot of concerts with modern european music. I began to listen to Stravinsky, Bartok, Messian, Berg, Ligety and Shostokovitch, and in my last year at school, composition was my 2. subject besides guitar.

After graduating in 97 I moved to Copenhagen, playing with various people. I worked with my own bands and a theatergroup - Bal-teatret - on the piece "Jet Hotel" - touring in Norway and DK. I also worked 2 months in a kindergarden and spend 5 months at "Center for Creativity & Theater" working with improvisation, meditation, and psycology.
Feb. 2000 I went to Rishikesh in India to study Classical indian music on Sitar - here I met ShantiMayi and became her student, which I still am!

Jan 2001 we recorded "Simplicity of Love" in NewYork with Marc Johnson on bas, and I began to work with the wonderfull singer Premo.

Then I played and played, did a tour with Marc Johnson and Anders Mogensen and recorded the material for the 2. album "OPEN" JH-trio Live 2002.
I played with Egberto Gismonti at the Faroe Islands, got two children and found my wife, played some more, was teaching guitar and combo´s, practicing etc.
I invited Jacob Anderskov in my band, did two small tours and ended up recording MonsterJazz. At the same time I aplyed for the new Soloist-class at RMC and was accepted 2005, and studied composition and improvisation for two years with Django Bates as my supervisor...

I graduated with honours june 2007 and finished my new album "SPIN" Febuary 2008

and now - new BLUES Album, BLÅ!