Fender 1964 Stratocaster, refinished with sheptone pu's - monsterguitar, best I ever had!

Fender Telecaster 1968 - refinished by Tone and Solle with LindyFralinn pu's!

Ibanez PM100 - my first "real" jazzguitar with thick flatwound strings and all - though it did not make me sound like Pat Metheney, I used it a lot on MonsterJazz.. Just got a SeymourDuncan antiquety pu on, sounds great.

Gibson 335 dot - SeymourDuncan-pickups - Seth Lover/Jeff Beck - bought in 1991, real nice piece. I use it on the 2 first CD´s.

Alhambra 7fc - very nice flamenco-model with fishman prefix pro-blend system - sounds much better than my old K.Yairi

Larrivxe - C10 - with Fishmann-pickup - westernguitar with cutaway. An absolutely wonderfull instrument - though very difficult to play. It took me almost two years to learn to use it, but it improved my tone immensely.


- you can have all the fanciest gear in the world and buy the most expensive guitars, but in the end it all comes down to the tone you generate with your hands.

This is the origin of your sound, and no gear is going to make up for a lousy tone from the guitar! Playing acoustic guitar is really good, because it is so revealing, and you have to work on it to get a rich and living sound.


- Fender Deluxe 65-reissue - 22w -

Sometimes I use an old Roland CA-40. I found in our storage-room. It has a nice and warm clear sound and is good for small clubs and cafés.

1978 - Marshall Mk2 100w - with original 4*30w celestions - real vintage!!!! -

VOX AC-15H - 50'anniversary edition


small setup;

Line6 DL4

MXR-distortion - 70´s

Tubescreamer TS9

T-rex - Tremster

T-rex - Compressoor

Big Setup;

Tubescreamer TS9

Voodoolab Sparkle-drive

Fulltone fulldrive 2

Chandler tubedriver (same as Eric Johnson...)

Morley Bad Horsie 2, wah

TC-Electronics G-System


Powerbook 2.4ghz

Digi002 system with Protools 8.0,

Command 8,

Dynaudio bm5 Monitors,

Ellberg 2-channel pre-amp


Indian Sitar with plastc leathercase - made in Calcutta and very beautifull - I braught it back march «01 and almost didn't get on the plane because of huge overweight...

Banjo - tenor, my grandfathers...

2 Flutes - southamerican - wonderfull for meditation and folk-music.

Tibetan bells and singingbowls


On "Simplicity of Love" I used a Roland GT5, my Gibson and the Larrivxe. The amps were a horrible Roland-Jazzchorus
120 and an old Fender Twinn - Blacface - but the speakers were broke, so we had to run it through a Hartke-cabinet with four 10".

The guitar-sound became a little different from what I had expected, but it ended up a little off but actually quite nice..

On "OPEN" I played the Deluxe-reverb, fulldrive 2 and a rocktron intellifex the whole tour

On MonsterJazz I used the old Marshall, the little fender and all the pedals I could carry...

"Spin" is recorded on Fender and Marshall and a lot of homestudio work

press for large fotos..!